Terms & Conditions

  1. Your order is considered “booked” upon receipt of a signed contract/dated contract and your deposit of 50% of your total order.
  2. Final payment is due at least 14 days prior to your event/collection date, though earlier payments may be required, particularly if a payment scheme has been pre-arranged for larger orders, or specialist equipment is needed.
  3. If your order is placed within 30 days of your event/collection date full payment will be required up front.
  4. If you fail to make full payment, your order will be cancelled and no refund of any payments made to date will be given.
  5. Payments can be made via cash or bank transfer to Hannah’s Kitchen, Sort Code 09-01-28 Account Number 86448971


  1. Hannah’s Kitchen is not responsible for bodily injury, property or consequential damage, which may result from its services.
  2. Hannah’s Kitchen is not responsible for any damage to the finished product caused by anyone NOT employed by Hannah’s Kitchen.
  3. Hannah’s Kitchen will not provide a finished product if payments are not made in full by the agreed date.
  4. Hannah’s Kitchen is not liable for; damage to the finished product not caused by myself or a Hannah’s’ Kitchen employee; property damage, guest injury, harm caused by eating plastic accessories, flower choices (poison, pesticides, dirt, poor handling), post-collection damage, and any reactions to allergens not previously declared by the client.

Fulfilment of Contract

  1. Hannah’s Kitchen is not responsible for any delay or inability to deliver based on accidents, natural disasters, inclement weather, illness, death or any other circumstances beyond my control.
  2. Hannah’s Kitchen is not liable for any damage caused after an order has been collected.
    1. When collecting cakes, cupcakes and tray-bakes, please ensure the boxes are placed on a level surface in your car where they cannot slide around, and drive carefully!
  3. Hannah’s Kitchen aims to deliver you a cake that exceeds your expectations. I will work closely with you to ensure that you are completely happy with your final order. However, should your final order vary significantly from the agreed design, Hannah’s Kitchen will issue a 100% refund, provided that any issues are raised at the time of collection/delivery and the product is returned to me, uneaten.
    1. Please ensure to include full details of your requirements when placing your order, including any drawings, pictures, Pins or screenshots of design suggestions.


  1. Do be aware, however, that I cannot deliver exact replications of any photograph provided by the customer, or copy another cake artists/bakery’s work; though I can design your order based on picture specifications so the final product will look similar.
  2. Please note that colours and design of your final product may vary slightly from any pictures provided by the customer due to the nature of digital imagery and edible components and are therefore not covered by our satisfaction guarantee.
  3. Hannah’s Kitchen reserves the right to use photographs of the finished product for advertising purposes.


  1. The client must notify Hannah’s Kitchen if there is a change in the date of the event (postponement) or complete cancellation.
  2. If a postponement occurs before 14 days prior to the event/collection date, provided the new delivery date is still available within my production schedule, and no significant work has begun, then no penalty will be applied.
  3. If a postponement occurs within 14 days prior to the event/collection date, provided the new delivery date is still available within my production schedule, the client will be charged an additional 25% of the total order.
  4. If a postponement occurs within 14 days prior to the event/collection date, and I am no longer able to fulfil the order due to other commitments, then the deposit will be forfeit by the client, plus any expenses already incurred by Hannah’s Kitchen in the preparation of the order.
  5. If a cancellation occurs more than 14 days prior to the event/collection date the customer will receive a refund of the total cost of their order, less the deposit amount.
  6. If a cancellation occurs within 14 days prior to the event/collection date all monies paid by the customer will be forfeit.

Changes to Order

  1. Any changes to the order must be submitted at least 14 days prior to the event/collection date
  2. There will be no changes permitted within 14 days prior to the event/collection date.
  3. Any changes to the design need to be recorded and signed for.

Allergens & Dietary Warnings

  1. Hannah’s Kitchen, with prior notice, can tailor some orders based on allergies and dietary requirements (e.g. Gluten-Free cakes, Vegetarian/Vegan Canapes, Nut-Free traybakes). However, all products are made in one kitchen where the following are handled;
    1. Wheat/Gluten products
    2. Dairy and eggs
    3. Meat
    4. Nuts
    5. Sesame
    6. Soy
  1. While every effort is made to ensure there is no cross-contamination, and health and hygiene laws are strictly adhered to, severe allergy sufferers should be aware of above.
  2. The client is responsible for pointing out to guests any allergy hazards inherent in food they have chosen.
  3. Hannah’s Kitchen bakes, treats and Afternoon Tea products may include the following allergens. If you are aware of any allergies to the following please advise immediately.
    1. Celery
    2. Cereals containing gluten
    3. Crustaceans
    4. Eggs
    5. Fish
    6. Lupin
    7. Milk
    8. Mustard
    9. Nuts
    10. Peanuts
    11. Sesame Seeds
    12. Soya
    13. Sulphur Dioxide (Dried Fruit)

Ornaments and Special Equipment

  1. A £100 deposit is required for all rental equipment.
  2. The equipment must be returned no later than 3 days post-event.
  3. The returned equipment is evaluated and a refund of the deposit is based on the condition of the item(s).
  4. All personally supplied items must be submitted to Hannah’s Kitchen at least 14 days prior to the event/collection date.

Delivery and Set-Up

  1. Delivery and set up is available for a charge; based on distance from LS15.
    1. When placing an order, please notify if delivery is required, and provide a full address and postcode, in order that I can quote the delivery and set-up charge. Please also provide clear instructions for access e.g. availability/location of parking.
  2. Should delivery be required, Hannah’s Kitchen is not responsible for tardiness if the venue is changed 14 hours prior to the event.
  3. The client may pick up their order and assemble/serve themselves.
    1. The client assumes liability once it passes into the client’s possession.


  1. Any Hannah’s Kitchen equipment borrowed for transportation purposes must be returned within three days.
  2. Upon collection of an order the client will need to sign the collection receipt to confirm satisfaction. Please make sure to check your order upon collection as any issues not pointed out at the time cannot be used as grounds for a refund.
  1. The client is responsible for providing a suitable environment for the finished product to be displayed;
    1. For cakes, cupcakes and tray-bakes, this means a stable, level surface away from any sources of heat or direct sunlight and in a location where it is not likely to be upset by either foot traffic or pets
    2. For Afternoon Tea and Cake Tables, sufficient table space must be provided at the venue to set up the food and serving equipment.
  2. For cake, cupcake and traybake orders (including cake tables); Hannah’s Kitchen is only responsible for the baking/decorating of your order, and delivery/set-up if pre-agreed at time of order. I am not responsible for cutting up and serving your order at your event.
    1. Display equipment is not included in your order; this should be provided by the client or the venue. Display equipment may be purchased or hired through Hannah’s Kitchen for an additional fee.
  3. For Afternoon Tea and Cake Table orders; Hannah’s Kitchen can provide staff (for a fee) to serve the food if pre-agreed at time of order, but this is not expressly guaranteed when placing an order. Please advise if staff are required.
    1. Set-up space is required ; please advise if this is not available at your venue, and of suitable alternatives.
    2. For canape orders, serving platters are not included, but may be ordered with the charges passed back through to the client.
    3. Where large catering orders are required, kitchen facilities may be required; this must be discussed when placing your order.
    4. For catering orders, basic serving equipment and white linen is included in your quoted price. Additional serving equipment at the client’s request may be included, but any additional expense incurred will be charged back to the client.
    5. For catering orders, good quality paper plates, wooden cutlery and napkins is included; crockery and metal cutlery may be requested, but any additional expense incurred will be charged back to the client.
    6. Catering equipment (e.g. fridge, additional table cloths) are additional, and will be charged back to the client.